TapDance® offers a FREE typing test that can help determine an employee's level of proficiency!Before you hire a new employee, determine their skills with a free TapDance® test!
TapDance® tests include Timed Typing, 10-Key Format, Spelling, Coding, Grammar, Proofreading, Math, Filing, Data Entry, Sorting, Microsoft® Word, & Microsoft® Excel!Increase the number of words per minute you type with a free TapDance® typing test!TapDance® tests are the best way to assess an employee's skills!
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TapDance® is the leading choice of corporations, organizations, and government agencies because our tests are "VALIDATED."
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When companies talk about skills-testing software, they talk about TapDance®!
All over the world, organizations of all sizes have chosen TapDance® software-based skills assessments more often than any other skills testing package.

TapDance® is not your typical typing test; our suite of skills assessment packages are the standard by which all skills tests are measured, because TapDance® has been developed and VALIDATED by a representative committee of experts from the industries that actually use the tests. Whether you are looking for typing tests or need to test the critical reasoning skills of employees in specialized fields, TapDance® tests are designed to the highest standards of psychometric development and offer unsurpassed quality and ease of administration.

Want to test how many words per minute someone types? Want to know whether a prospective employee can accurately edit and proofread complex grammar? Need to determine the skill level of an employee who will be using 10-key? TapDance® skills tests give you results you can rely on for your most important training and hiring decisions. And, unlike Internet-based typing tests, there is no monthly or per-usage charge with TapDance®. TapDance® offers you UNLIMITED usage!

TapDance® packages include the following:

Timed Typing Tests 10-Key Format Tests
Spelling Tests Coding Tests
Grammar Tests Proofing Tests
Math Tests Filing Tests
Data Entry Tests Sorting Tests
Microsoft® Word for Windows Proficiency Tests
Microsoft® Excel for Windows Proficiency Tests

Additionally, TapDance® for Law Firms® and TapDance for Banks® contain highly specialized tests specifically tailored to meet the employee testing needs of the legal and banking industries.

To discover why TapDance® is the best-selling testing software in the world, preview this breakthrough software for 30 days with no obligation. Call toll-free at 1-800-569-7371, or click here to download a fully functioning trial version for 30 days!

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